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  • Custom-Made Project
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  • Word-class equipment
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  • In-House Cap Production

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Choosing Spiltag isn’t just about selecting a provider; it’s about partnering with a team of seasoned experts who bring a blend of qualification, innovation, and dedication to every project. We don’t just meet expectations; we’re committed to exceeding them, making us the ideal choice for those who seek excellence in packaging solutions.

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Rigid Packaging Solutions

Embrace the Essence of Quality

At SPILTAG, we understand that the right packaging is crucial for preserving the integrity and enhancing the appeal of your products. Our rigid packaging solutions are designed to offer both protection and sophistication, ensuring your products stand out on the shelves while staying secure during transit.


Crafted for elegance and durability, our bottles provide a premium enclosure for a variety of contents. With an array of sizes and styles, SPILTAG bottles are the ideal choice for liquids ranging from gourmet sauces to high-end cosmetics.


Our versatile jars are perfect for preserving the freshness of your edible goods or for housing your skincare products. Designed with a seal-tight finish, SPILTAG jars maintain the quality and extend the shelf-life of your offerings.

Pet Tubes

The SPILTAG pet tubes combine robust construction with sleek design, suitable for a multitude of uses. They are lightweight, durable, and customizable to fit your specific needs.

Soap Bottle

Elevate your liquid soap or lotion with our soap bottles that blend functionality with aesthetics. The smooth contours and user-friendly design make them a pleasure to use, every single time.

Caps and Pumps

Complete your product with our range of caps and pumps, engineered for precision and ease of use. Whether for dispensing or for preserving, our closures are the final piece in the puzzle of perfect packaging.

SPILTAG Rigid Packaging Solutions

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